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March / April 2011
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Disappointed in NRC Rankings Prominence
MIT 3rd in World University Rankings
U.S. News & World Report:
Top 10 Graduate Engineering Schools
U.S. News & World Report:
Top 10 Graduate Business Schools
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MIT 3rd in World University Rankings


MIT was ranked third in the recent World University Rankings 2010-2011 by the Times Higher Education. Harvard University was ranked first followed by the California Institute of Technology. The Institute was ranked second in the Engineering & Technology Universities category, again following CalTech.

incremental cost over budget
Top 10 World Universities
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Overall rankings were based on 13 separate performance indicators, combined in the following categories:

• Teaching – the learning environment (30% of overall score)
• Research – volume, income, and reputation (30%)
• Citations – research influence (32.5%)
• Industry Income – innovation (2.5%)
• International Mix – staff/students (5%)

This is the seventh year that the Times has provided these rankings, but they suggest a recent overhaul of the methodology “deliver[s] our most rigorous, transparent and reliable ranking tables ever."

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