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September / October 2013
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Resolution for Presentation to the MIT Faculty: "Establish a Campus Planning Committee"

September 4, 2013

            MIT’s Charles River campus with its buildings, open spaces, and landscape is an essential component of the Institute’s educational and research environment.

And Whereas:
            The faculty, students and staff are essential stakeholders in the Institute’s educational and research functions.

And Whereas:
           The rapid economic development in the Kendall area, increased scarcity of available land, and increase in real estate costs, calls for very careful long-term campus planning to ensure the availability of space to support future academic needs of MIT.

And Whereas:
            Critical decisions affecting the future of the campus should be made with the fully considered input of the above stakeholders.

            A Campus Planning Committee composed of a majority of faculty members elected by the faculty, together with student, staff and administration representatives, shall be established as a Standing Committee of the Institute, prior to the end of the fall 2013 semester.

Respectfully submitted,

Jonathan A. King (Biology)
Nazli Choucri (Political Science)
Jean E. Jackson (Anthropology)
Helen Elaine Lee (Writing)
Ruth Perry (Humanities)
Nasser Rabbat (Architecture)
Roger Summons (EAPS)
Frederick P. Salvucci (Civ. & Env. Eng)
Frank Solomon (Biology)
Seth Teller (EECS).

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