MIT Faculty Newsletter  
Vol. XXVI No. 1
September / October 2013
Not Blameless, But Not to Blame
Report to the President, MIT and the Prosecution of Aaron Swartz
Regretted Omission
Newsletter Editorial Board Elections
Initial Thoughts
The MIT Physics Department's
Experience with edX
My Experience Teaching 3.091x
Pauline Maier
Students and Institute Governance
Creating a Culture of Caring: MIT's First Institute Community and Equity Officer
Resolution for Presentation to the MIT Faculty: "Establish a Campus Planning Committee"
The HASS Exploration (HEX) Program
Request for Preliminary Proposals
for Innovative Projects
Nominate a Colleague for the MacVicar Faculty Fellows Program
Teaching this fall? You should know . . .
Disturbed by Abelson Report
Praising America's Public Libraries
Class of 2017 Enrolled Students: Admissions Statistics
U.S. News & World Report: Ranking the Top 10 Engineering Graduate Schools
U.S. News & World Report: Ranking the Top 10 Business Graduate Schools
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Regretted Omission


An editorial in the May/June 2013 issue of the Faculty Newsletter made reference to a new motto for MIT – Mens, Manus et Cor – that was proposed in the pages of the Newsletter nine years ago by Prof. James H. Williams, Jr. A more specific reference there would have been appropriate, and we regret the omission. The proposal appeared in Vol. XVI No. 4, February/March 2004, in “A Formal Recommendation to the MIT Corporation” by Prof. James H. Williams, Jr.

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