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Vol. XXX No. 3
January / February 2018
Support the Olympic Truce:
Diplomacy with North Korea Not War;
Haiti: Responding to Various Needs
#MeToo at MIT: Harassment
and Systemic Gender Subordination
Solidarity at its Best:
But Need to Stay the Course
Introducing MIT’s New Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response Training and Consensual Relationships Policy
MIT Day of Action: April 17, 2018
Call For Participation
Trump’s Insults Pour Salt in Wounds
of Haitians Healing After Succession
of Disasters
Inclusive Community Faculty Dinners
Comment on “How Deeply Are
Our Students Learning?”
Update on the Task Force
on Open Access to MIT Research
Deep Learning or Deep Ratings?
No More MIT Voo Doo
Teaching this spring? You should know . . .
MIT Faculty By Gender (AY 2018)
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MIT Day of Action: April 17, 2018
Call For Participation

Roger Levy, Sally Haslanger, Ceasar McDowell
for the Day of Action Organizing Team

The second annual Day of Action at MIT, a large-scale grass-roots civic engagement and action event, will be held on Tuesday, April 17, 2018. The Day of Action comprises community-contributed content including lectures, town-hall sessions, film screenings, workshops, and more, devoted to the political, economic, environmental, and social challenges facing us today, and to community building and strengthening. It is open to all parts of the MIT and broader local community. Last year’s Day of Action had over 70 events and drew over 1,000 participants. April 17 is a student holiday, but not an Institute holiday, so participation doesn’t require cancelling or skipping classes for MIT faculty or students.

Together, we act to fulfill MIT’s mission “to bring knowledge to bear on the world’s great challenges,” seeking open-minded dialogue with peers and colleagues of diverse backgrounds and views. All of us, regardless of political affiliation, can contribute to identifying and seeking out the roots of the greatest challenges facing our society, and to planning for actions addressing these challenges in the present day and in times to come. We intend this Day of Action to be open to all, representing the full diversity of our society. We are made stronger by open, respectful dialogue and the exchange of ideas from the widest variety of intellectual, religious, class, cultural, and political perspectives. We invite you to join us, to share your concerns and questions, your hopes and ideas, and your knowledge and skills.

You can join our efforts by helping organize or volunteer, by submitting your idea for a session or activity, or simply by telling us you plan to attend and spreading the word!

To learn more and get involved, visit You can read about last year's events at MIT and Princeton, and about MIT's March 4 Movement of 1969.

The Day of Action organizing team can be contacted at

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