MIT Faculty Newsletter  
contents Vol. XXX No. 5
May / June 2018

This issue of the Faculty Newsletter features commentary on the changed fundamental nature of MIT, "Is This Any Way to Run a University?", "The Obligations of Citizenship", by Faculty Chair Susan Silbey, and the issue of race at the Institute, "Diversity is Not Enough."

incremental cost over budget
Pathways to Deal with Sexual Violence
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Women at MIT
Manduhai Buyandelger addresses a variety of issues facing women at the Institute.
Update From Washington: The Positive Near-Term Picture for Federal Research Funding
The Director of MIT's Washington Office provides an update on the federal budget and research funding.
Student Leaders Emerge at MIT Conference to Address Danger of Nuclear War
Students from campuses across the Northeast join with local leaders to discuss the dangers of a possible nuclear war.
A Letter to the Class of 2018
Greetings to you the graduates – and to your families! We join with the thousands of family members and friends gathered for Commencement, in sharing the . . .
Is This Any Way to Run a University?
Ruth Perry and Yarden Katz
In 1972, when I (Ruth Perry) first came to MIT, the federal government – and especially the Department of Defense (DOD) – subsidized the Institute’s budget to a large extent.
Women at MIT
Manduhai Buyandelger
As MIT welcomes its incoming students, 46 percent of whom are women, it also bids farewell to almost the same percentage of young women who are graduating from . . .
From the Faculty Chair
The Obligations of Citizenship
Susan S. Silbey
Several months ago, President Rafael Reif asked me to lead a discussion at Academic Council about what we mean when we talk about the obligations of citizenship.
Diversity is Not Enough
Ceasar McDowell
On May 1, 1992, three days after an all-white jury failed to convict three white police officers for brutally beating him, Rodney King pleaded for an end to the ensuing . . .
Update From Washington
The Positive Near-Term Picture for Federal Research Funding
David Goldston
To the surprise of many, 2018 has turned out to be a banner year for federal research funding thus far, and that appears likely to continue. This does not mean, of course, . . .
Engineering Enrollment Data at MIT
Louis Bucciarelli
According to a report of the Computer Research Association (CRA), undergraduate (and graduate) enrollment in Computer Science (CS), over the years 2006-2015 . . .
Student Leaders Emerge at MIT Conference
to Address Danger of Nuclear War
Jonathan King
Students from campuses across the Northeast gathered at MIT this spring to share their experiences in challenging the U.S. government’s aggressive foreign policy . . .
Looking Forward/Looking Backward Across the Retirement Line
Dr. Emeritus Beaver
This column is intended for MIT faculty who have already retired or are contemplating such a decision in the near future. The purpose is to provide some practical advice . . .
Promoting Mental Health and Well-Being at MIT
Edmund Bertschinger
In his letter in the previous issue of the Faculty Newsletter, Professor Dan Stroock criticized President Reif and Provost Schmidt for focusing attention on sexual . . .
M.I.T. Numbers
from the 2018 Senior Survey