MIT Faculty Newsletter  
contents Vol. XXXI No. 3
January / February 2019

This issue of the Faculty Newsletter features commentary on the recent revision and experiment regarding the first year experience, "Core Values"; and letters by History and Philosophy Department faculty to Associate Provost Lester concerning his report on MIT's relationship with Saudi Arabia.

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Candidates for Upcoming Election to Faculty Newsletter Editorial Board
Short bios on the upcoming faculty-wide election of members to the FNL Editorial Board.
The New MIT Homepage: Response by the MIT Office of Communications to the Article in the November/December FNL
A response to the recent FNL article critical of the new MIT homepage.
Saudi/MIT Policy: Thoughtful Consideration, Wrong Conclusions
We appreciate the thoughtful consideration of the issues relating to agreements between MIT and the Saudi monarchy and its agencies in the February 6 letters . . .
Core Values
Catherine Drennan, Linda Griffith, Haynes Miller, Peter Shor
The MIT system of core science General Institute Requirements (GIR) is under attack.This system was put in place in 1965, following a report of a committee led . . .
Letter to Associate Provost Richard Lester
Regarding MIT Engagements with Saudi Arabia
Christopher Capozzola, Lerna Ekmekçio?lu, Malick Ghachem, Anne E. C. McCants, Kenda Mutongi, Hiromu Nagahara, Tanalís Padilla, Jeffrey S. Ravel,
Craig Steven Wilder
We write as historians and members of the MIT Faculty in response to your report to President Reif on MIT’s current engagements with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).
Response to Professor Lester’s Report on
MIT’s Involvement with Saudi Arabia
Sally Haslanger, Kieran Setiya, Bradford Skow, Stephen Yablo
Prof. Lester says in his report that it is appropriate for MIT to reconsider its relationship with Saudi Arabia, given that “large-scale violations of political, civil, and human . . .
Candidates for Upcoming Election to
Faculty Newsletter Editorial Board
The origin of the Faculty Newsletter (FNL) came out of the errors in governance surrounding the dissolution of the Department of Applied Biological Sciences (ABS) . . .
In Memoriam
Ernst Frankel
It is with great sorrow that we acknowledge the passing of Professor Emeritus of Ocean Engineering Ernst G. Frankel MME '60, SM '60. A long-time member of the . . .
The New MIT Homepage: Response by the MIT Office of Communications to the Article in the November/December FNL
Nate Nickerson, Steve Bradt, Danyel Barnard
The MIT homepage, which launched in a redesigned form last summer, is the Institute’s face to the world. For more than a decade, its previous iteration served our various . . .
Commemoration of March 4, 1969: Scientists Strike For Peace
Fifty years ago, on March 4, 1969, most research and teaching at MIT came to a halt, as students, faculty, and staff at MIT held a “Scientists Strike for Peace.” The strike . . .
MacVicar Day 2019: “The Educated Student:
Thinking and Doing for the 21st Century”
The Office of the Vice Chancellor and the Registrar’s Office are pleased to announce this year’s MacVicar Day program titled “The Educated Student: Thinking and Doing . . .
An Open Letter to All MIT Faculty
A Plea for Integrity of the Grievance Process at MIT
Chi-Sang Poon
In an open letter to then-Provost Rafael Reif published in the February 6, 2007 issue of The Tech titled "A Plea for Fairness at MIT," a group of MIT faculty took the MIT . . .
Committee on Curricula
The Committee on Curricula serves to implement the General Institute Requirements and Course Curricula for undergraduates, including acting with power on: . . .
M.I.T. Numbers
Campus Research Expenditures By Primary Sponsor FY2018