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Events & Activities:  Fall, 2002

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Development in the Americas: Questions Raised
A presentation at the MIT International Development Forum
September 20, 2.30 pm - 5.30 pm / MIT Bartos Theater

Technology in the Public Interest?
Is there a demand for non-profit technology consulting services to aid international development?
September 25, 6.30 pm / MIT Spofford Room (1-236)

Colombia in 2003: What's at Stake?
A discussion with Colombian peace activists Carolina Aldana & Eder Jair Sanchez
October 3, 7 pm / MIT 3-133

Going the Extra Mile: Working as Medical Volunteers in Peru
A presentation by Amy Meadows '03 & Shefali Oza '04, who worked in Peru over the summer
October 10, 7 pm / MIT 3-133

How Many Mayan Ruins Does It Take to Turn On a Light-Bulb?
A discussion with archaeologist David Stuart on the fight to save ancient sites in southern Mexico
October 17, 7 pm / MIT 4-159

If Guatemala is at Peace Now, Why Are Indigenous Leaders Being Killed?
A discussion with Alfredo Ché, co-founder of the Guatemalan Campesino Movement Association
October 19, 7 pm / MIT 3-133

Voting Rights & Voting Wrongs: How Election 2000 Was Decided in Florida
A pre-election screening of the film Counting on Democracy, by Faye Anderson, Greg Palast, & Danny Schechter
October 31, 7 pm / MIT 3-133

Plan Colombia & the Andean Initiative: Anti-Terrorist or State Terrorism?
A discussion with Professor Jean Jackson, head of the MIT Anthropology Program
November 13, 5 pm / MIT E38-615

Broken Rainbow: How Sacred Are Sacred Lands?
An Academy-Award-winning film about the forced relocation of the Navajo in northern Arizona
November 14, 7 pm / MIT 3-133

Where Does Nature Begin? Navajo Culture & Ecology in the Balance
A presentation by Carol Snyder Halberstadt, activist and poet
November 21, 7 pm / MIT 3-133

The Garífuna Journey
A film about the history & traditions of an Afro-Carib community in Belize
November 26, 7 pm / MIT 4-231

Cyanide & Gold: Is a US Mining Company Poisoning the People of Honduras?
A presentation by Jesse Barnes '02
December 2, 7 pm / MIT 4-237