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This webpage is meant to showcase some of the design and research projects I am associated with, and to provide contact information. My current employment involves building robots at the Distributed Robotics Laboratory at MIT CSAIL. One of the projects that I am currently working on involves figuring out new mechanical ways of allowing movement in modular self-reconfigurable robotic systems. The second major project involves researching ways to quickly make robots using planar manufacturing processes with the ultimate goal of producing highly functional parameterized robots produced at a low cost, as part of the Printable Programmable Machines grant funded by the recent National Science Foundation Expeditions program. Please contact me for any information beyond what is on this webpage, I am usually happy to discuss either research or other cool ideas, designs, or robotics projects.

Recent Projects

M-Blocks Modular Self-reconfigurable Robots (2012-Present)
Torque Gripper (2012)
Foldable Robots (2012-2013)
Magnetic Boeing Riveting Robot (2012)
Momentum Wall Climbing Robot (MIT 2.740)

Previous Projects

2.75 & 2.750 Medical Devices Jamming (2012)
2.72 Student Built Lathe (2012)
2.008 Team Yoyo Project (2010)
6142 Rotary Claw (2011-2012)
Botball lego Robots (2004-2007)
Kinematic Coupling (2011)
Desk (2008)
2.007 Robot (2010)
6141 Robot (2011)

M-Blocks are featured in the news!

The following video shows my undergraduate thesis project, described in more detail below in the links here and 'gripper' and here as it is helping a robot assemble furniture.

Older Videos

The following video shows the lathe that was built by a group of six students as part of the senior MIT Class 2.72 attempting to make a face cut in aluminum bar. More information about the project can be found here.

The following video was shown at the final presentation of our teams yoyo for the MIT class 2.008. More information about the project can be found here. (be warned that the sound track is very loud)