Research Projects Titles

Highway Transportation Planning
Fred Moavenzadeh

Intercity Multimodal Transportation
Fred Moavenzadeh

Urban Transportation Policy
Ralph A. Gakenheimer
Nigel H.M. Wilson

Railway Freight Service Planning
Joseph M. Sussman
Carl D. Martland

Performance of Paraffin Asphalt Cements in Road Construction
Mohsen Baligh

Hydrology of Agriculture
Rafael L. Bras
Peter S. Eagleson

Nile River Hydrology
Rafael L. Bras
Peter S. Eagleson

Water Resource Planning Systems
David H. Marks

Regional Groundwater Studies
John L. Wilson

Housing and Construction Industry
N. John Habraken

Urban Infrastructure Planning for Secondary Cities
Ralph A. Gakenheimer
Nabeel Hamdi

Cooperating Organizations

The following government/industrial organizations were involved in the above projects.

  • Ministry of Transport
  • Transport Planning Authority
  • Cairo and Giza Governorates
  • Egyptian Railways Authority
  • General Authority for Roads and Bridges
  • Arab Contractors
  • Nile Company for Roads and Bridges
  • Ministry of Irrigation
  • Ministry of Agriculture
  • Groundwater Research Institute
  • Ministry of Land Reclamation and New Communities
  • Ministry of Housing
  • General Organization for Physical Planning

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