There are several ways you can help the reproductive rights movement, at MIT and in the general community.

    At MIT:
  • Hang our posters around campus. Educate this community who has been hearing only pro-life/anti-choice information for far too long. Demonstrate your support for women who have made a difficult decision, no matter if their pregnancy ended in birth, miscarriage, or abortion.
  • Attend our events to learn more, or share your views with us. Everyone has an individual reason for being pro-choice, and we're interested in learning yours.
    Outside MIT:
  • Take action through Planned Parenthood. They have mailing lists to inform you when legislation that threatens reproductive rights are coming to vote, and links to email and fax your representatives.
  • NARAL's Ten Minute Activist page helps you to contact your local representatives and check out their voting records on choice related issues. They also have a mailing list, alerting you to upcoming votes.
  • The Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts will send President Bush a card for every donation received, reminding him how many people believe in choice.