Welcome to MIT Pro-Choice. We are a new organization on campus dedicated to support women facing unwanted pregnancies and provide an alternate voice to the anti-abortionists at MIT. We currently have about 200 members, and we grow each day. Add your voice to ours if you believe in our cause.

We are pleased to announce our involvement with MIT's Vagina Monologues. From February 11th to the 22nd, please stop by Lobby 10 to purchase tickets, shirts, and chocolate treats to help women's organizations worldwide.

Support We have a list of resources for women and their partners facing an unwanted pregnancy. We also host choice-friendly events for the MIT community.

Information Learn facts related to teen pregnancy, contraception, and worldwide abortion. Understand our reasons for being pro-choice.

Activism We poster the MIT campus to increase awareness of choice issues. Several of us are also involved in outside organizations to reach beyond the MIT community. You can do your part by helping us, or even joining us. Sign up for our mailing list to get meeting and event announcements.

Questions? Comments? Email pro-choice-request@mit.edu.


We accept no responsibility for posters hung by either our members or supporters that are not publicly available on our website.