The LMRs' Role
Astronaut Limitations
The Big Picture
LMR Advantages
In-field LMR Control
Habitat LMR Control
Problem 1: Complication
Subsequent Problems
LMR Families
LMR Chain of Command
LMR Overdependency
Beyond Mission 2004
A Design Note
LMR Design
Systems Outline


Subsidiary Advantages of the LMRs

There are many subsidiary advantages inherent in the LMRs that could be of direct help for the humans. Small sized LMRs would be capable of reaching into areas of mars that are not accessible to an astronaut, such as the bottom of a canyon or the inside of a cave. Humans would not have access to such sites due to size and safety issues. Our small LMRs would need to be capable of handling terrain that ranges from the fairly navigable to the challengingly complex.

Our LMRs could also play critical roles in supporting the humans on human excursions that extend far from the main base. Medium sized LMRs would be capable of rushing back and forth with supplies in case of an emergency. Should communications break down they could be used to send messages to the humans at the base.

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