The LMRs' Role
Astronaut Limitations
The Big Picture
LMR Advantages
In-field LMR Control
Habitat LMR Control
Problem 1: Complication
Subsequent Problems
LMR Families
LMR Chain of Command
LMR Overdependency
Beyond Mission 2004
A Design Note
LMR Design
Systems Outline


Autonomous Systems Schematic

The LMRs will not be the only autonomos systems on Mission 2004. Various other mission specific systems will require computer-automation, much like many systems found in terrestrial devices like cars and air conditioning systems contain some form of computer aided decision making.

This schematic is essentially a brief overview of the various aspects of Mission 2004 that will need automation. It is intended to express the various problems and propose possible solutions. It is not an in-depth technical analysis of the various computational tasks facing the mission 2004 systems, but a general, qualitative, overview of the potential computational problems inherent in the Mission 2004 design as a whole.

As with the rest of Mission 2004, these potential issues are organized in a chronological order:

Getting to Mars

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