Short Term
Long Term
Setting a Precedent


    After intensive research, these are our plans for the future of New Orleans.  We took an integrated approach by reviewing as a group the research and ideas of each team and designing our solution from there.  We realize that New Orleans is no quick-fix, so we took a multi-faceted approach.  Consequently, our solutions not only include what needs to be done now to rebuild the city, but also how to redesign and sustain it for the long run.  We focus extensively on the wetlands and flood protection system.

We have divided our solutions into: 

Vision - What we imagine New Orleans to look like as a city culturally and geographically 100 years into the future. 

Considerations - An explanation of our reasoning in the decision to gradually reduce the size of the city of New Orleans over the course of the next 100 years. 

Short-term - Includes the plans that already have or need to take effect immediately concerning the wetlands, city design, and flood protection system to best rebuild the infrastructure of the city and protect it from the next major natural disaster.

Long-term - Looks at New Orleans 100 years from now and considers what steps regarding the flood protection system, wetlands, and city design need to take place to ensure the sustainability of New Orleans in the future. This is how we plan to move New Orleans toward our Vision over the next century.

Setting Precedents – Suggests ideas from our plan that are applicable to other cities and regions around the world.