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Mission 2010 Class


Team Websites
    Prior to the creation of the final, comprehensive plan and the final website, each team created a website addressing the problems associated with their particular topic and a suggested plan to deal with these problems.  One of the most difficult processes over the course of the class was moving from the individual team plans to a comprehensive plan; conditions outlined in one team's research and plans sometimes greatly affected another team's plan without their knowledge.  For example, conditions of sea level rise outlined in Team 2's website were not incorporated into the plans of a number of other teams, resulting in altered plans moving into the final phases of the class. Therefore, many team solutions do not completely reflect final class solutions.  (For a more comprehensive overview of our process towards reaching a solution, please look at Process)

-Planning for future hurricanes and storm surge
-Planning for Global Warming and sea level rise
-Designing for the future of Louisiana's wetlands
-Improving the levee system
-City Design with demographics, history, and culture
-Government Involvement
-Insurance for coastal regions
-Mississippi River's influence and geological aspects
-12.000: Solving Complex Problems