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Setting a Precedent: A Green New Orleans
Written by Yujing Li
   The green architecture and rating systems we propose for New Orleans will hopefully be adapted by other cities throughout the United States and the world. While green architecture is oftentimes expensive and seems impractical, we believe that it can be affordable for single family homes and even low-income housing

    Promoting green architecture in New Orleans may seem impractical given our long term plan which will significantly downsize the city over the next 100 years; however, we feel that given the opportunity to rebuild a city, even if it is only for a few decades, we designed plans that would create a city geared towards the environmental concerns of the 21st century. We hope the media publicity focused around New Orleans will encourage other cities and homes to research and implement green architecture as well. In essence, New Orleans will be another testing ground for green architecture. It is an experiment of large scale implementation of green technology in a socio-economically diverse city. By creating a green city in New Orleans, we hope that other cities and homes will not only learn from what can be done, but also improve the urban green architecture system for the future.