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Here Mission 2012 proposes our view of a new, sustainable world. Our solutions to the water crisis attempt to ease the burden of running out of water. With aquifers running dry and rivers slowly flowing to nothing, Mission 2012 presents ideas to a candid world for thoughtful consideration.

The main focus of our solutions lie in Agriculture and Economics. Here you will find a cap and trade system and water pricing scheme that tends toward increasing the price of water to reflect this precious resource's scarcity. These programs will work in tandem to show the average consumer how much extra water they are using that is not necessary. Agriculture will also be forced to change unsustainable practices. Rather that showering crops from high above in the blistering sunlight, farmers will be given incentives to switch to more efficient, water saving irrigation systems. Crops that are water intensive will be switched with other less water draining crops. However, this is not the end.

Our solution covers much more than just these topics and the class of Mission 2012 invites you to explore our solution with an open mind.