About the Mission Program

Each year a group of first year students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is challenged to develop a comprehensive solution to a complex problem facing the world. This year, the members of Mission 2012 were faced with task of ensuring the availability of clean, fresh water in western North America for the next one hundred years.

In order to ensure a comprehensive investigation of a full variety of topics the group divided into eight teams with specific focuses on the different aspects of both the problem and possible solutions.

Throughout the three months of research and development, these groups could rely on mentors with a variety of professional backgrounds and interests to act as excellent sources of knowledge and expertise. Later in the term we came together as a group to pool our ideas and refocus our ideas to ensure the end result would be a cohesive, effective and practical solution. We trialed many of our proposals in a mini-project in which we developed a 100-year water solution for Tuscon, Arizona. This was an invaluable experience as it was our first exposure to critical analysis by outside panelists and helped highlight issues we had yet to address in full detail.

Over the last few weeks of the project we have developed the following points of interest and have split our website into an analysis of the problems faced in each field:

followed by a second section detailing our solutions and how they work together:

A huge thank you to the following people for helping us solve this important problem facing our world:

Lead Professor

  • Sam Bowring


  • Lisa Song
  • Seth Burgess


  • Adam Bockelie
  • Emily Davidson
  • Samantha Fox
  • Tracey Hayse
  • Sameer Hirji
  • Alexandra Jordan
  • Emily Moberg
  • Claire Nauman
  • Alison Piasecki
  • Allison St. Vincent

The following students of MIT's Class of 2012 made Mission 2012 happen!

  • Ozymandias B.Agar
  • Yazan Z. AlNahhas
  • Siraj Z. Ali
  • Neta Batsha
  • Erika M. Bildsten
  • Ashley A. Brown
  • Tracy J. Burnett
  • John C. Bushe
  • Ka Man Carmen Chan
  • Joan Chen
  • Sebastian Dabdoub
  • Huayu Ding
  • Nicholas G. Dou
  • Yangbo Du
  • Karen R. Dubbin
  • Theodore M. Eby
  • Chidinma Egbukichi
  • Pedro L. Figueroa
  • Avital S. Fischer
  • Giuliano Giacaglia
  • Elise T. Hens
  • Clarion H. Hess
  • Nora O. Hickey
  • Angela R.Hojnacki
  • Annie Huang
  • Billy Huang
  • Jeffrey H.Huang
  • Wei Jia
  • Elizabeth A. Jones
  • Portia M. Jones
  • Kavya U. Joshi
  • Patrick T. Jupe
  • Daniel R. Kelly
  • Cynthia P. Latortue
  • Yusung J. Lim
  • Grace Lin
  • Joann Lin
  • Margaret M. Lloyd
  • Lisette Lopez
  • Ruaridh Macdonald
  • Arsen Mamikonyan
  • Evan S. Martinez
  • Viral B. Modi
  • Victor Nevarez
  • Cat Thu Nguyen Huu
  • Virginia Nicholson
  • Lorna A. Ogolla
  • Monica C. Oliver
  • Nikola B Otasevic
  • Ram K. Rijal
  • Michalis Rossieds
  • Stephanie E. Sallum
  • Christos D. Samolis
  • Pamela C. Silva
  • Michelle Slosberg
  • Krupa H.Suchak
  • Anupong T.
  • Tyler C. Thompson
  • Andrew J. Wimmer
  • Mengfei Yang
  • Jennifer de Bruijn