Concept Implementation | Let's Get Kraken!

Team 6 Wits | 2.744 | MIT

the experience

You walk into a room that's slightly dark, and you see a large cannon in front of you. Suddenly, you hear the sound of thunder and lightening and the targets on the far wall light up.

The guests see that the the tentacles are moving and quickly piece together that they need to somehow get the balls into the cannon and shoot the targets. But how do you get to the balls?

The players see that there's an opening underneath the glass where you can crawl under the netting. It's bumpy and hard to see and you realize that you have to push the balls towards the cannon through the net. But the folds and waves in the netting make it so hard!

Finally, you're able to get one ball to the cannon, but oh no! You've just noticed the scoreboard and Zeus is winning! You yell to your team to gather the balls faster.

Hitting the Kraken scores you points, and at the end of 3 minutes you will get a star ranking based on how well you did. Because the score board is constantly adding points for Poseidon, you can never get 100% and are always losing points.

You need to act fast to gather up the balls and be accurate at the range up until the very end to ace this one (3 stars), or you will be back for more!

missed it?

Did you miss the final presenations? Feel like you missed out on the chance to see Ryan Zimmerman in a toga? Never got to test the lightning cannon (we are so sorry if any of the above apply to you!)?! No worries, below are the videos of the presentation and the Demo for your viewing pleasure!