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Week of September 8, 2014

  • If you're registered for the course but are unable to get to the PSet on the web site, it means we don't have you in our student database. Please email 6.02-tas from your mit.edu account and send your student ID in your email and we'll add you.

  • Problem set 0 is due September 11th at 11:45pm (that is a hard deadline; it's not due at 5:45am the next day!).

  • Problem set 1 will be available starting at 3:00pm on September 8th. It is due next Thursday (9/18). Before starting the problem set, you may want to try some practice problems.

  • In order to use our lab facilities, students are required to read, understand and sign the electrical safety information at the following link, if they have not previously done so:
    This should be completed before entering the lab area in Room 38-530 for the first time.

  • Sign up on Piazza: We'll use the 6.02 Piazza forum for Q&A and other discussions on PSets and the course.

  • Portions of this web site require MIT certificates and have been tested with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. If you're having trouble with one browser, try another. If the problem persists across browsers, post the symptoms of the problem on Piazza, including the details of your browser and machine.

  • This week's to-do list:
    • M/W: Lecture in 34-101 at 2 pm.
    • M: PS1 available
    • Tu/Th: Recitation. Please attend the recitation section assigned to you by the registrar through Websis. All sections are filled to capacity this term so we cannot reassign you. If you have a class conflict that prevents you from attending your assigned recitation, please contact 6.02-tas@mit.edu and let us know all sections for which you're available.
    • Th: PS0 due at 11:45pm

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