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6.02 Fall 2014 Calendar

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Sep 1 Labor Day Registration Day L01: Introduction and objectives for communication systems. Probabilistic source model. Information & entropy. R01:
Sep 8 L02: Source coding: Huffman codes; Lempel-Ziv-Welch compression. R02: L03: Errors & binary symmetric channels. Hamming distance. R03:
PS #0 due (simple audio communication)
Sep 15 L04: Channel codes. Linear block codes: rectangular codes R04: L05: Hamming codes. Error correction. Syndrome decoding. Interleaving. R05:
PS #1 due (Huffman and LZW)
Sep 22 L06: Convolutional codes. R06: L07: Viterbi decoding of convolutional codes. R07:
PS #2 due (linear block codes)
Sep 29 L08: Noise, PDFs, means, variances, Gaussian noise. R08: L09: Bit detection in noise. R09:
PS #3 due (Viterbi decoder + comparing codes)

Oct 3: Add date
Oct 6 L10: Physical channel. Modulation, demodulation, LTI models of baseband channel. R10: Office hours for Quiz 1
Quiz 1 (evening) 7:30-9:30pm.
Location: 50-340
Topics: L01-L07/R01-07/PS0-3
L11: LTI channel characterization: step response, unit sample response, superposition, convolution, causality. R11:
Oct 13 Columbus Day R12: L12: Intersymbol interference (ISI). Channel frequency response. R13:
PS #4 due (digital signaling, noise analysis)
Oct 20 L13: Filtering. R14: L14: Spectral content of signals via the DTFT. R15:
PS #5 due (unit-sample response)
Oct 28 L15: FFT. Modulation & demodulation: theory. R16: L16: Demodulation & frequency division multiplexing (FDM) R17:
Nov 3 L17: Review: noise, LTI systems, convolution, frequency response, signal spectrum, modulation/demodulation. R18: L18: Sharing a channel: MAC protocols (TDMA, Aloha). R19:
PS #6 due (modulation & demodulation)
Nov 10 Veterans Day Veterans Day L19: Multi-hop networks. Packet switching. Queues. Sources of delay. R20: Office hours for Quiz 2
Quiz 2 (evening) 7:30-9:30pm. Location: 50-340
Topics: L08-17/R08-18/PS4-6
Nov 17 L20: Network layer: Routing protocols (without failures).

Nov 19: Drop date
R21: L21: Network layer: Routing protocols (handling failures). Comparing distance-vector & link-state protocols. R22:
PS #7 due (MAC protocols)
Nov 24 L22: Transport protocols: reliable data delivery. R23: Lecture cancelled. (Prep for thanksgiving!)
PS #8 due (distance-vector & link-state routing protocols)
Dec 1 L23: Transport protocols: improving throughput with sliding windows. R24: L24: Congestion control R25:
PS #9 due Friday, 12/5 (transport protocols)
Dec 8 L25: A brief history of the Internet R26: L26: Digital communications, end-to-end
Dec 15
Quiz 3: Dec 17, 1:30 - 3:30 pm, Dupont Topics: L18-23/R19-26/PS7-9

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