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6.02 Fall 2014: Practice Problems and Past Quizzes

The following practice problems and quizzes from past semesters should be helpful in gelling the concepts taught in the lectures, recitations, and 6.02 chapters. They will be useful preparation for the problem sets and quizzes. Please note that the organization of this term's course and some of the materials are different from previous terms, so the past quizzes do not map one-to-one to this semester's organization, and may include items not taught this semester. Also, since this course (like most good courses) evolves, it is likely that this semester emphasizes some topics differently, and includes some new topics.

In addition to these review/practice problems, it is important to solve the problems in the problem sets assigned through the term, as well as those at the end of the chapters in the readings (for those lectures that have assigned readings).

Part 2 (Signals): Practice Problems

Please also check out and solve the problems at the end of the book chapters.

For Quiz 2: Past Quizzes

Part 1 (Bits): Practice Problems

For Quiz 1: Past Quizzes

Note: some of the quizzes below include problems about noise, LTI systems, etc. Such problems will not be on the Fall 2014 Quiz 1.