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Week of September 15, 2014

  • Problem set 1 is due September 18th at 11:45pm (that is a hard deadline; it's not due at 5:45am the next day!).

  • Problem set 2 will be available starting at 5:00pm on September 8th. It is due next Thursday (9/25). Before starting the problem set, you may want to try some practice problems.

  • In order to use our lab facilities, students are required to read, understand and sign the electrical safety information at the following link, if they have not previously done so:
    This should be completed before entering the lab area in Room 38-530 for the first time.

  • This week's to-do list:
    • M/W: Lecture in 34-101 at 2pm.
    • M: PS2 available
    • Tu/Th: Recitation. Please attend the recitation section we have assigned you. All sections are filled to capacity this term so we cannot reassign you. If you have a class conflict that prevents you from attending your assigned recitation, please contact 6.02-tas@mit.edu and let us know all sections for which you're available.
    • Th: PS1 due at 11:45pm

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