6.031 — Software Construction
Fall 2017

6.031: Software Construction

Fall 2017 · Course Staff · MWF11-12:30 (34-101)


Fri Nov 17: Project Reflection

Please don’t forget to write your reflection about Project Phase 1, thinking about the reflection prompt questions. Your reflection should be at most 300 words of plain text, and each person in your group should submit their own, written individually. Submit it using this form by 10pm Saturday night.

Mon Nov 13: Problem Set 4

Problem Set 4 is now available. The ps4 iter1 deadline is next Monday at 10pm. You can apply up to two slack days as usual. The schedule for code review and iter2 is different than usual to account for the holiday.

Since ps4 iter1 overlaps with phase 1 of the project, please see the ps4 handout for what will — and will not! — be worth substantial credit during iter1 grading. We also noticed that many students were very low on slack days, so everyone has been granted two additional slack days you can apply to the ps4 iter1 or iter2 deadlines.

Mon Nov 13: Problem Set 3 grades

Overall ps3 grades and grade reports are now available on Omnivore.

To see your iter2 autograde report, go to Didit, follow the link to your psets/ps3 page, and click “iter2” in the “Milestones” section.

Your manual grade was assigned by staff inspection of your specs, ADT documentation, tests, implementation, and your response to code reviews.

If you do not have a grade on Omnivore, please check that you submitted a complete reflection. Additional grades will be uploaded tomorrow.

If you have questions, please see the FAQ about grading questions.

Wed Nov 8: Problem Set 3 reflection

After you wrap up ps3, please fill out the required Problem Set 3 reflection, which asks a few questions about how you worked on ps3. It should take only a minute to fill out, and is due by this Friday at 10pm.

Also remember that your project warmup code should be committed and pushed to your group repo by tonight at 10pm, and another project milestone (specs) is coming up on Monday at 10pm. See the project handout for more details.

Sun Nov 5: Project Phase 1 groups

Your project team and mentor for the first phase of the group project are posted on Omnivore. The project handout will be posted on the website on Monday morning.

In Monday’s class, after we take a nanoquiz and practice team version control with Git, you will meet with your team, create your phase 1 repo, check in with your TA mentor, write your team contract, and start working on the project. The team contract is due tomorrow night, and the first project milestone (some warmup code that helps understand the problem) is due on Wednesday.

You must check in with your TA mentor tomorrow and in every class during the project. There will be no nanoquiz on Wednesday this week, and the entire class time on Wednesday will be devoted to working on the project. Friday is a holiday. Next week, there will be nanoquizzes on Mon Nov 13 and Wed Nov 15 (for readings 24 and 25), and half the time in those classes will be for working on the project.