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48. Doppler-Free Laser Saturation Spectroscopy

Traditionally, optical spectroscopy had been performed by dispersing the light emitted by excited matter, or by dispersing the light transmitted by an absorber. Alternatively, if one has available a tunable monochromatic source (such as certain lasers), a spectrum can be measured 'one wavelength at a time' by measuring light intensity (fluorescence or transmission) as a function of the wavelength of the tunable source.

In either case, physically important structures in such spectra are often obscured by the Doppler broadening of spectral lines that comes from the thermal motion of atoms in the matter. In this experiment you will make use of an elegant technique known as Doppler-free saturated absorption spectroscopy that circumvents the problem of Doppler broadening. The primary experimental objective will be to use this technique to measure the hyperfine splittings in the S1/2 and P1/2 states of Rb. In addition, you will learn a bit about lasers in general and diode lasers in particular.

Student Wiki: Doppler-Free Laser Saturation Spectroscopy

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Selected Resources

  1. Fabry-Perot Mirrors (CVI Part Number PR1-780.0-90-1037-C)
  2. Tui-Optics Laser System Brochure
    1. Part I, II, III: Introduction, Safety Instructions and Quickstart/Troubleshooting
    2. Part IV Diode Laser Head DL 100
    3. Part V Supply Rack DC 100 with Monitor Unit
    4. Part VII Temperature Control DTC 100
    5. Part IX Lock-In Regulator LIR 100
    6. Part VIII Scan Control SC 100
    7. Part XI Pound Drever-Detector PDD 100
    8. Part XII Computer Analog Interface DCB 100
    9. Part XIII Warranty and Service
  3. Burleigh WA-2000S Wavemeter Jr.
  4. Panasonic CCD Camera WV-BL200
  5. MIT Balanced Detector -- Bernie Wadsworth Oct 2002
  6. Glendale Laser Eye Protection (755-855nm OD>4) 3943


Selected Resources


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