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8.13 Syllabus and Policies
8.14 Syllabus and Policies
Lab Safety Guidelines
Lab Ethics Guidelines
Lab Notebook Guidelines
Other EHS Documents

Reports and Presentations
Reports and Presentations
Oral Report Evaluation Form
Physical Review Home
APS Guidelines for Speakers

Computing Environment
Numerical Recipes in C
Geant 4

CRC Handbook
NIST Physics Data
Table of the Isotopes
National Nuclear Data Center
WebElements Periodic Table
List of Nobel Prizes
HyperPhysics Web Site
Overview of Particle Physics
Particle Data Group

Advanced Laboratory Physics Association
Society of Physics Students
American Physical Society
American Institute of Physics

MIT Links
EHS Training

Written and Oral Report Resources

Written Summaries

Sample Paper Template Files:(.pdf)(.zip)(source)
An even simpler "minimal example" template:(.pdf)(.zip)(source)
ARROWExample Paper from Am. J. Physics (.pdf)

arrowPhysical Review Style and Notation Guide
MIT Writing and Communication Center
Author Information for all APS Jounals
REVTeX-4 Home Page
      "REVTeX 4 Command and Options Summary", American Physical Society, July 2001

Oral Presentations
arrowJLAB Presentation Template (.pdf) (.zip)
arrowBeamer Users Guide for Presentation Slides (or Beamer by example)
Advice for Physics Speakers by James C. Garland
Using LaTeX in PowerPoint

LaTeX tips
Hypertext Help with LaTeX (a classic, short, introductory text)
LaTeX on Athena - Basics (only slightly out of date)
Inessential LaTeX on Athena (32 page .pdf, only slightly out of date)
A Wikibook on LaTeX
, an up-to-date, comprehensive, and accessible reference.
List of Mathematical Symbols
from the Wikibook on LaTeX.
The Comprehensive LATEX Symbol List
(178 page .pdf)
Creating a PDF Document using PDFLaTeX
Other LaTeX Related Information
Emacs on Athena

Some 3rd Party LaTeX editors for use on personal computers:
      arrowFor Windows: TeXworks, WinEdt
      arrowFor Mac: TeXworks, TexShop, TexMaker
      arrowFor Linux: TeXworks, Kile (KDE)

Websites for these programs usually have guides for what other things need to be installed (latex distributions, dvi viewers, math packages, etc)

      arrowInkscape (free vector graphics drawing program for all)
      arrowGhostscript (A PostScript Interpreter)
      arrowGSView (A PS Viewer for Windows)
      arrowAsymptote (A vector based drawing language)

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