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Junior Lab Computing Environment

The Junior Lab computing environment consists of approximately 20 Dell PC's running in MIT's Win-Athena Domain ( Printing needs are serviced by a high-speed duplex printer: `Gutenberg-1'.
These machines provide students direct access to their athena accounts as well as to 2GB of personal `win-athena' space for data files, analysis scripts, etc. Each win-athena machine as a common suite of software including MS Office, Adobe Acrobat Professional, Matlab (8 concurrent licenses for use within Junior Lab), Full Shot 8 (A simple to use screen capture program), and WinEdt (A GUI based LaTeX editor and compiler).
Students log into these machines as they would any Athena workstation and must remember to log out after their session is done!!!
In using the Junior Lab computers, students promise to follow all existing Athena and MIT I/S `Rules-of-Use'. We furthermore request that students make no changes or additions to any of the Junior Lab machines.
Useful Athena Computing Resources
  1. Athena On-Line Help
  2. SIPB Documents for Working on Athena
  3. Customizing Your Athena Session Using Dotfiles (AC-16)
  4. Unix Software Development - Revision Control RCS Introduction
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