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8.14 Syllabus and Policies
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Reports and Presentations
Reports and Presentations
Oral Report Evaluation Form
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APS Guidelines for Speakers

Computing Environment
Numerical Recipes in C
Geant 4

CRC Handbook
NIST Physics Data
Table of the Isotopes
National Nuclear Data Center
WebElements Periodic Table
List of Nobel Prizes
HyperPhysics Web Site
Overview of Particle Physics
Particle Data Group

Advanced Laboratory Physics Association
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Health and Safety

Junior Lab Documents Junior Lab Safety Guidelines
MIT Physics Dept Chemical Hygiene Plan
MIT Physics Dept Safety Clearance Form (for lab staff and instructors)

COVID-19 Related Lab Operations COVID signage from MIT Facilities
Returning to work on campus
IS&T: Tips for cleaning and disinfecting your devices

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Electrical Safety
Radiation Protection
Chemical Safety
Waste Disposal
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Cryogenic Safety

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