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I. The Photoelectric Effect

The maximum kinetic energy of electrons ejected from a metal surface by monochromatic light, is measured for several wavelengths. The value of Planck's constant, h, is derived by an analysis of the data in the light of Einstein theory of the photoelectric effect.

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References (certificates required)

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  2. 1921 Nobel Prize to Albert Einstein for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect.
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    Hayden Stacks: QC 715.H8
    Discusses phenomena such as the velocity distribution of the electrons, effects of polarization and angle of incidence of the light, influence of the surface temperature, photoelectric behaviour of thin films and composite materials, etc.
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    Notes on the photoelectric effect
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Selected Resources

  1. Oriel High Power Mercury Lamp Specifications
  2. Leybold 55877 Photocell Specifications
  3. P. Baumeister and G. Pincus, Optical Interference Coatings, Scientific American 223, 58-75 (December 1970)
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