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Molecular Engineering of Biological and Chemical Systems (MEBCS) Programme


The MEBCS programme aims to give its students a fundamental understanding of biological and chemical sciences as well as the engineering and design aspects of products and processes. Research encompasses areas such as structured fluids, surface functionalisation, microstructure tailoring and materials design in relation to fine chemical and pharmaceutical syntheses as well as the molecular and cellular aspects of biotechnology and bioprocess engineering. Two proposals which have been internally identified as the flagship projects of MEBCS, and merged together with the research expertise of various MEBCS Fellows have progressed well according to plan. The project on “DNA-Guided Synthesis of Materials”, which received funding from A*STAR, has delivered its milestones and DNA-hybridisation driven assembly of Pt group metals has been realised. The final phase of work concerning the electrochemical characteristics of the metal-DNA conjugates is scheduled to complete by January 2006. The project on “Signalling Biochips and Microarrays” has resulted in the submission of a PCT on spatially addressable protein capture array.

Currently, the MEBCS programme has 16 Ph.D. students. A batch of first-year students passed their qualifying exams in January 2005 and are expected to embark on their theses in July 2005.

Microarray analysis with Axon GenePix™ - MEBCS

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