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Research Experience:

My approach is to directly integrate computation modelling methods with experimental research to significantly shorten the development cycle of new high energy density materials and to screen a larger number of candidate materials. In my Ph.D. work on advanced lithium ion batteries, I have demonstrated that Ab Initio computation method serves as a powerful pre-screening tool at the design stage and reliable explanatory tool in understanding the properties of new materials. For example, I identified new potential electrode materials for lithium ion batteries by computational screening of materials based on selection criteria such as voltages and capacities. The knowledge-guided synthesis and characterisation have enabled me to develop potential cathode materials for rechargeable lithium batteries with few iteration steps. Such a combination of virtual material design and knowledge-based synthesis/modification has a significant impact on changing the traditional trial-end-error experimentation way of materials design.

The exciting and enriching four-and-a-half years at SMA has strengthened both my passion and ability to pursue a career in academia. I have been appointed as a Postdoctoral Associate at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, MIT, where I am continuing my research on new materials for high-energy high power density materials in advanced rechargeable batteries and fuel cells.

Ying Shirley Meng



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