Slides for recent talks

Equations for Hilbert modular surfaces (Emory university, April 2013).

Existence of tight simplices and other codes in compact spaces (AMS special session on Discrete Geometry of Polytopes, Boston college, April 2013).

Rational elliptic surfaces with high Mordell-Weil rank and multiplicative reduction (Nouvelles directions en arithmetique et geometrie des surfaces algebriques, Luminy, March 2013).

Formally dual configurations in Euclidean space ond on abelian groups (Joint Math Meetings, San Diego, January 2013).

Metacommutation of Hurwitz primes (Joint Math Meetings, San Diego, January 2013).

Lattices, sphere packings and spherical codes: geometric optimization problems (Cornell university, November 2012).

Inverse problems in potential energy minimization (Shanghai Conference on Algebraic Combinatorics, Shanghai Jiao Tong university, August 2012).

Matrix rigidity and elimination theory (Questions in geometry arising in the sciences, Texas A & M university, April 2012).

Rigidity of spherical codes, and kissing numbers in high dimensions (Fourth Discrete Geometry and Algebraic Combinator​ics Conference, April 2012).