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MIT Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

AeroAstro enews back issues 2009

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November 2009: Spaceflight forum - The Augustine Report, Massimino Hubble talk on MIT World, Honors and Recognition, Quoted, Fulford-Jones and Leveson books in print, lab safety video posted, Danielle Wood is NASA ambassador, Giant Leaps Apollo DVD available

September 2009: Honors and recognition, Comings and goings, Spaceflight training for Newman and Wagner, iPhone drones, Nanotubes w/o side effects, ZeroG student experiments, Monarch's final landing, Hands-on satellite class, Mars Biosat project retired, AeroAstro clubs, Giant Leaps DVDs coming, '09 chem hygiene plan available, AeroAstro tweets.

June 2009: Honors and recognition, Giant Leaps a success, MIT Museum Apollo exhibits, Avidyne fellowships, Crawley named to NASA review, AeroAstro tweets, Space videos posted, Flying car passes tests, LFM name changed to FGO, Shuttle takes MIT Library book to orbit.

May 2009: Mark Prendergast, Robin Palazzolo, Sue Whitehead, Graduate Association of Aeronautics and Astronautics receive annual AeroAstro Department awards; Ping Lee, Beth Marois, Alvar Saenz-Otero receive Infinite Mile Awards; Emilio Frazzoli promoted to associate professor without tenure; Jim Hileman new PARTNER associate director; Missy Cummings quoted in "Inside the Air Force"; Kid's astronomy program needs volunteers, 16.64 photos; Flying car coming to campus; Using the department calendar.

April 2009: Welcomes, Nick Roy and Brian Wardle promoted to associate professors without tenure, Women in Aerospace Symposium, IAP gas turbine course, alumni-astronaut news, Giant Leaps planning, Space Grant sponsors winning students. updated chem plan.

January 2009: Welcome to Youssef Marzouk; GA^3 executive committee announced; MIT Flying Club bestows scholarships; AA contributes to future of human spacecraft report; 16.83 NanoSat proposal a winner; AA Alum named science advisor; Widnall Apollo talk added to video gallery; President Obama inauguration screening in 33-206.


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