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About the Club

The MIT Ballroom Dance Club is a recognized MIT student group focused on social dancing. In regular Fall, Spring and Summer weekly lessons each year, we teach several types of dances, including intenational style ballroom dancing and social dances like Salsa, West Coast Swing or Line Dancing. Our goal is for our members to feel confident and to enjoy themselves in a social dance setting.

Come out and try something new or perfect some old favorites! No partner or experience necessary.

About our events

The MIT Ballroom Dance Club organizes a few different types of events that are open to anyone interested in ballroom dancing:

Weekly Lessons
Usually approximately one-hour long lessons taught during the Fall and Spring semesters. Each dance is taught over the course of a few weeks, starting from the basics and advancing to more difficult figures.

Lessons may be taught during the summer and IAP depending on popularity and officer/teacher availabilities.

Dance Camps
(Half-day event focusing on one dance)
A few times each year, we hold dance camps to focus on learning one particular dance style. A professional instructor leads the camp, teaching four 45-minute sessions that cover both figures and proper technique.

Social Dances
(Casual parties for practicing all dance styles)
Roughly once each month, we organize a Saturday social dance that begins in the evening with a beginner lesson and continues for a few hours with general dancing. Music for all dances plays throughout the night to give dancers an opportunity to practice routines, learn new steps, or just watch others dance.


We invite a number of professional instructors to teach our workshops and dance camps.





Our special workshop in Dec 2009 taught by Edyta Sliwinska and Alec Mazo from Dancing with the Stars drew eager students from MIT and other universities.


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