Biopolymers & Proteomics Laboratory

The David H.Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT

Bldg 76 Room 181

Telephone: 617-253-7038


I forgot to print my request form. How do I reprint it?

If you forgot to print out the order request you cannot get back to that page. You can go to “Display Order Summary” to get a list of all current orders and obtain a printout. Select the order you wish to print. You will get a summary page similar to the original printout. We can also print it out at the lab for you.

How do I delete an order?

To delete an order go to “View your requests” enter the order number you wish to delete and choose the “delete order” radio button. You can only delete orders that have not yet been put into a sample sheet. You would generally use this to delete an order that you have maybe decided not to submit, or had problems with and just want to start fresh. You can also let us know and we can will delete the order for you.

How do I download my sequencing data?

If you are looking in the “Download sequence Results” page and see your order # but it has no data and says ‘There are 0 samples” this means the plate is processing and data will post when done.

If you are using a MAC and download individual files you may see a .txt extension after the .ab1 in the file name for the chromatogram files. The file will not open. You can simply delete the .txt and the file will revert to the .ab1 file which you can now open. To avoid this, choose to download all at once (Button at the top of the page). This will not attach the .txt to the files.

Samples that are ready to download sometimes will not appear in the "Order Number Search" box when you are trying to download your samples. If you think your data should be ready but do not see the order number, use the "Plate Number Search" box and select the plate at the top of the list. You should then be able to see the order and download it. If you think it should be ready but don't see it in either box then contact the lab.

I am having trouble submitting an order. What should I do?

Contact the lab for any problems you have creating an account or submitting an order. If you get an error message after submitting an order, such as “database does not exist” or “user ID not found” contact the lab immediately. This indicates a problem with the server.