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Instructions: 1. Enter Conner 5 common area. 2. Insert foot in mouth.

Ryan, take off your sweater ~ Kezia
What? Why? ~Ryan (looking confused)
Take off your top now! ~Kezia
We're so cheap we're having him strip at his own party |
(at Ryan's birthday party before we showered him)

Am I a pimp daddy or what?
~Jason Alonso

What altitude are we at?
Below average.

Was it as good for you as it was for me?
Oh Yeah
~Jason Andrews
on his birthday


Goodbye Tim,
Thanx for the six years
inscription on Tim's cake

I need to do laundry ~Jason
Why? the semester's almost done ~Brad
I had to do laundry too ~Steve
Really? ~Brad
Because what you see, is all I had on ~Steve
I don't understand ~Jen
It's called commando ~Steve

Jason, I just wanted to touch your apparatus
~Tim Hall
(touching the lens of Jason's camera)

Shix is out of his mind

So they really called you and Senko, Guy 1 and Guy 2?
Yup, because they could not pronounce our names
whose real name is Tsehsiang
Who started it? .... Tim?
I didn't instigate it, I just continued it. Who did start it?
~Tim Hall
I don't remember Chris, Salthous,
White guys

I want Dan to live with me
~Lynn (during rooming)

Not in Presley's shower!!!
~Tim Hall
(when being showered
at his going away party)

Looks like they've got cheesecake here boyz!
(in a southern accent)
How's the cheesecake?
Ooooh yeah!

Most men don't like to look at cleavage
Well me, I'm not a cleavage guy, but
if a good one passes by ...
~Jason Andrews

Were you guys naked? ~Burcu
Not all of them. ~Jason Al
Steve was naked alone with Nick ~Rebecca
It's Nick's fault he pulled the towel off ~Steve
Yeah, but you just kept coming ~Nick

(Steve gets down on bended knee in front of Burcu
with his closed Brass Rat box in his hand,)

I've been thinking of this all afternoon,
and I had to ask you,
(he pauses and opens box)
Is there a scratch on my Brass Rat?

This mailing list is supposed to be a house of information
and you have turned it into a den of thieves!
(in response to emails sent to about graduating sales)

Why do you call Kezia, Chuck?
Cause some guy called her Charles Kezia,
and it grew from there,
Chuck, Chucky, The Chuckinator,
and when I'm feeling spanish
El Chucko

I know God
and God knows better
than to mess with me

(Two conner 5 residents are fighting when Jason Alonso enters)
Israel (pointing to one)
Palestine (pointing to the other)
US (pointing to himself)
~Jason Al

Nick, do you know what you are doing?
Yes, Tim. You see, invading Norway is
like seducing a beautiful woman.
Something which Nick has never done.
(During a game of Axis and Allies)

I'm Harry Potter

I'm going to get drunk this weekend
Is that going to be with alcohol this time
Or without as the other times

Wanna bet?
Bet what?
Your coffee pot?
No wait - it's my coffee pot!
Jason, do you want a coffee pot?

I feel that I am 2-dimensional.  I need to be 3-dimensional.

Stephanie, go fan the fire alarm...No, that's the sprinkler.
~Jen telling Stephanie to fan the smoke detector

Jason, if I get a B in 18.03, you get my first-born child.
(A few months later, after Brad gets a B in 18.03)
Jason, double or nothing on my first-born child that the Giants win the Superbowl.
~Brad, and the Giants lost

!WARNING: Rinsed but unwashed dishes! Use only if too lazy...

All ye members of Conner 5!
calling Study Break

No, I am not questioning my masculinity...Doh! Shut up.

Oh muffin. ~Brad and Timothee.
Niffum ho. ~Jason

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