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CopyTech Copyright Service ©

CopyTech course readers are enhanced by new technologies that ensure speed, efficiency and distribution.

• Course content database
• Electronic permissions
• Purchase online

© Getting the copyright permission has become easier and more efficient. We use a course content database that allows access to thousands of pre-authorized titles that are now available for CopyTech to get instant copyright permissions.

CopyTech has expanded its relationship with Harvard Business School and has all of their collection as well as all the material they distribute in our enhanced course content database.

© Distribution of course readers can be found on our online storefront.

Copyright permission for electronic use is now available. Please contact our Copyright Service for details about electronic copyright.

It is not too early to be thinking about course readers for the next semester. The deadline for submitting permissions requests so that material will be available at the start of the new semester is generally 15 days before registration day. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We will make every effort to ensure you get what you need before your class begins.

We still need your help to provide the very best copyright permissions service available to faculty and students. The earlier you get the request forms to us and the more accurate the information, the faster you will receive clearance.

Please note: It is MIT’s policy that all materials contained in course readers get the proper copyright permissions before they can be printed and distributed.

Please submit the following information on the copyright request form, also found at any of our locations.

• The name of the publisher for each article to be reproduced, including journals
• Book or journal title
• Author/editor of the book or journal article
• Copyright year
• Number of pages from __ to __
• Number of course packets needed
• ISBN/ISSN are optional but helpful

Once we get this information from you, we will send it to the proper people to get authorization. If you plan to reuse a course reader from a previous semester we can, upon request, send you a bibliography of what we have in our database and a price breakdown by article.




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