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Copier Lease Program

This program was initiated to assist departments that might not be in a position to acquire mid- to high-volume copiers. CopyTech purchases the copier, utilizing our bulk-buying power and trade-in ability. Long-standing vendor partnerships and a large copier population allow us flexibility in designing a rental agreement that presents sound opportunities for each department.

Cost Per Copy Program

This service enables departments to have a large-volume, access-controlled, 24-hour copier facility with almost all the administration done by CopyTech. This includes the acquisition of the copiers, setting up MIT accounts, the ordering of paper and copier supplies, plus general upkeep of the facility.

Library Copier Program

  • Barker Engineering Library
  • Dewey Library for Management
  • Hayden Library
  • Rotch Library for Architecture and Planning

Athena Printing Program

  • CopyTech maintains printer hardware and supplies
  • Hold-and-print system uses the Pharos system
  • More information on the Pharos system

View a list of MIT departments that use the services of these programs.


Kip Bruggeman | Manager of Distributed Printing Programs| kiplb@mit.edu | (617) 258-5269

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