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Send Files Electronically is Easy!

  1. Click on the link and choose the CopyTech location to which you would like to send your files: http://ctcfiles.mit.edu/copytech/
  2. Complete the order details including payment and delivery method.
  3. Attach up to 12 files.
  4. Submit your order! You'll receive a job number for tracking.

Scan and Store

If there are any documents that you would like to print on a regular basis, such as manuals or departmental forms, you only have to submit them once. We will then store the job electronically in our database. To reprint, all you need to do is contact us by phone or e-mail. Send a SAP requisition and have our driver deliver the job back to you or MIT Mail Service and you never have to leave your office. You can simply bring your files in on a CD or USB drive or send electronically.

MIT Community Files

We also keep documents on file which are of interest to the MIT community and are free of charge. Certain SAP documents are available on request and can either be picked up at our 11-004 location or delivered to your office. You can order these documents at our front counter or over the web by going to: http://web.mit.edu/sapr3/docs/webdocs/paperdocs.html


Scott Perrigo | Consultant | skydiver@mit.edu | (617)452-3575
Don Choate | Manager | dchoate@mit.edu | (617) 258-7794

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