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Copyright Tutorial for Course Readers

Collect material to be used in your course reader.

Identify material that requires copyright permission from the rights holder.

Be aware of the Fair Use Guidelines, which will help you determine if the material will need to get permission or if it will be allowable to use the material without seeking permission.

Examples of material that can be used without seeking copyright permission are works that have reverted to the public domain or unpublished work by the professor of the course.

Provide the correct information on the Copyright Permissions Request Form beginning with the course information and the estimated class enrollment.

The information required is:

  • Book or journal title
  • Author or editor of the book
  • Chapter or article name
  • Author of article
  • Publisher of book or journal
  • Copyright year
  • Volume and/or edition
  • Page range requested

Be careful to request the permission from the correct copyright owner. Some material in books or journals is being used in that publication with the permission of the original copyright holder. Anthologies are one example. To be sure that your source is the correct copyright holder of the material, check the title and copyright page of your book. The required information can often be found online.

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