Group Meetings

Unless otherwise noted, group meetings will take place on Thursdays at 11:30 noon in 6-206. Please see list and calendar below for an up-to-date schedule and last minute changes.


Date Presenting Topic
Friday, 9/16, 1:00pm, 6-206 Lei S. Conductive MOFs

Wed, 9/21, 12:00pm, Amdur Room (6-233)

New inventory tutorial at 11:00am

Eric M. MOF Catalysis

Thu, 9/29, 12:30pm, 6-206

safety refresher at 11:45am

Grigorii Conductive 2D MOFs
Thu, 10/6, 11:30am, 6-206 Adam R. Ammonia Storage
Fri, 10/14, 12pm, 6-206 Sarah P. Electron and Ion Transport
Thu, 10/20, 11:30am, 6-206 Hoyoung P. MOF Catalysis
Wed, 10/26, 11:30am, 18-378 Yuri T. Small Molecule Reactivity
Thu, 11/3, 11:30am, 6-206 Rob C. MOF catalysis
Thu, 11/10, 11:30am, 6-206 Brian Ge Sensing with MOFs
Thu, 11/17, 11:30am, 6-206 Amanda S. Small molecule reactivity
Thu, 12/1, 11:30am, 6-206 Elise M. Electrocatalysis
Thu, 12/8, 11:30am, 6-206 Maciej K. Cation exchange in MOFs
Thu, 12/15, 11:30am, 6-206 Lilia X. Conductivity in MOFs
Thu, 1/5, 11:30am, 6-206 Selma D. Electrochromics
Thu, 1/12, 11:30am, 6-206 Bobby Day 2D MOF growth
Thu, 1/19, 11:30am, 6-206 Jin-Hu Dou Sensing with MOFs
Thu, 1/26, 11:30am, 6-206 Chris H. Theory