Disclaimer. Professor Sadoway is not associated with either VoltaFlex Corporation or Rolltronics Corporation.

research interests

Professor Sadoway's research seeks to establish the scientific underpinnings for technologies that make efficient use of energy and natural resources in an environmentally sound manner. This spans engineering applications and the supportive fundamental science. The overarching theme of his work is electrochemistry in nonaqueous media. (Professor Sadoway's curriculum vitae)

Specific topics in applied research are the following: environmentally sound electrochemical extraction and recycling of metals, lithium solid-polymer-electrolyte batteries for portable power, high-amperage energy storage devices for stationary applications, advanced materials for use as electrodes in fused-salt electrolysis cells and batteries, electrochemical sensors, electrochemical synthesis of compound semiconductors, electrochemical synthesis of diamond coatings.

The related fundamental research is the physical chemistry and electrochemistry of molten salts (including molten oxides), cryogenic electrolytes, and solid polymer electrolytes.

recent presentations


recent publication

J.L. Lutkenhaus, E.A.. Olivetti, E.A. Verploegen, B.M. Cord, D.R. Sadoway, and P.T. Hammond, "Anisotropic Structure and Transport in Self-Assembled Layered Polymer-Clay Nanocomposites," Langmuir, 23 (16), 8515-8521 (2007).