MIT: Independent Activities Period: IAP

For-Credit Subjects: Propose Subjects

For-Credit subjects are submitted online via the IAP subject posting system. Please refer to the instructions in the Post/Revise Listings section for details on using this system. All subject postings start from your personal IAP For Credit Posting Summary page.

IAP subjects must be submitted and posted electronically. In order to post subjects, you must have MIT web certificates. If you don't have web certificates, you may obtain them via the MIT IS&T certificates page.

Be sure to consult the Guidelines page in this section as well as the Dates and Deadlines page in the About section.

Before you attempt to post a subject, you must obtain posting authorization from IAP staff. To determine if you already have posting authority, please check the IAP Coordinators by Sponsor list. If you are not the authorized IAP Coordinator for your area or have questions about submitting subjects, please contact

If you need to access the list of IAP 2013 Subject Listings, please see the IAP Listings archive.