SAP Internet Transaction Server Project (ITS-Alive)

Project Description

The ITS Project is chartered to evaluate and deliver web-based functionality of the SAP Internet Transaction Server to the MIT community. The delivery of low cost, high value web solutions to the MIT community is considered to be a high Institute priority. The ITS Project will concentrate on delivering ITS hardware and software architecture and security, as well as stay informed about other SAP internet tools such as the SAP Web GUI, B2B component, and the SAP Business Connector.

Current Status

As of 11/1/2000:

  • Piloting journal vouchering and VIP card verification in production
  • Working on connecting ITS version 4.6D to SAP version 4.6C

Project Overview

Phase 1 Deliverables

  • ITS prototype platform
  • ITS security evaluation
  • ITS risks/rewards evaluation
  • End-to-end ITS transaction

Reference Documentation

Team Members

  • Mark Damian, Team Leader
  • Jeff Harrington
  • Katerina Lalioti
  • Ron Parker
  • Reid Pinchback
  • John-Marc Quilter
  • Lorraine Rappaport
  • Dianthe Schroeder
  • Diane Shea
  • Melina Smirnou
  • James White

Team Sponsors

  • Paul Page
  • Bob Ferrara

Contact Info

Team mailing list

Last modified: March 3, 2000