The Jacks Lab

Jacks Lab Outing 2010 : Scavenger Hunt

The 5 teams:

The Jacks-y Bunch

The Littermates

TJ and the Seven Dwarfs


The KochHeads

Instructions, Lunch, and Some Courage
Kiss a Koch Institute Faculty Member
Get on a boat...
Find the Skyline Room
Perform a Mock Graduation Ceremony
Where is the DNAtrium
Go to the Principal's Office
Time for a drink, then round II
Apply for a job at McDonalds
Find a battery powered by a virus
Build a human pyramid
Find a fireman's hat and/or pole
Round III Find Tyler's freshman dorm at Harvard (also where Matt Damon lived)
Kiss John Bridge's Feet (at the same time)
Lie on the statue of the three Lies
Find a hippo and ride it
Measure Harvard Yard in Team Smoots
Round IV (final round)
Show us the gift of wind, get a zing magnet, perform Mr Bojangles (and collect money), and run up the Porter Sq T stairs
Dinner, Announcement of the Winners by the three judges

................................................. The Trophy

The afterparty