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Many plasmids have been deposited with

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Published pSico plasmids: pSico, pSicoR, pSico p53, pSicoR p53(Ventura et al., 2004), pSico Drosha, Dicer (Kumar et al), puro Cre empty vector, ....

Unpublished plasmids: pSico PGK Puro, pSicoR PGK Puro, and pSico PGK GFP

The LSL cassette (modified and improved from the Jackson et al paper)

The Kras LSL G12D and p53 point mutant genomic targeting plasmids

p53 GFP (and other plasmids described in Boyd et al., 2000)

Nf2 pBabe series

Ventura et al 2008 miR 17-92 plasmids

PERP plasmids

Kras G12D retroviral overexpression construct (Tuveson et al).

Lentiviral expression vectors

Many Others!



The following mouse strains are available for free from the MMHCC Mouse Repository

Rb Null



Kras LSL G12D (Conditional G12D allele)


ROSA26-pCAGGc-LSL-Luciferase (unpublished)


p53 CONDITIONAL point mutants - 129 background

p53 LSL R172H

p53 LSL R270H

p53 GERMLINE point mutants - 129 background

p53 R172H

p53 R270H

p53 floxed (Anton Berns)

NF1 knock out (Luis Parada)

B6 background

129 background


Most of our mouse strains are also available from the Jackson Laboratories in Maine (as well as the Berns conditional p53 on pure BL6)

Please e-mail requests for all other reagents to InÍs Baptista