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pSico and pSicoR Information Page

  • pSico Map
  • pSicoR-GFP Map
  • How to design and select oligos for pSico
  • Oligomaker 1.5 Program
  • How to clone oligos into pSico and pSicoR
  • pSico Genbank sequence
  • pSicoR Genbank sequence
  • Oligomaker 1.5 Manual
  • Lentiviral packaging system info
  • RNAi resources (lentiviral ransgenics, chimeras; production; safety issues; pLL3.7 info)
  • Adenovirus Cre Intranasal Infection Information Page Protocol

    • Protocol
    • University of Iowa ordering information


    Adeno-Cre or Lenti-Cre Protocol

    Dupage M*, Dooley AL*, Jacks T. 2009.
    Conditional mouse lung tumor models using adenoviral or lentiviral delivery of Cre recombinase.
    Nature protocols, 4(7): 1064-1072.


    DNA Isolation - Proteinase K Method

    DNA Isolation - Hot Shot Method

    Growing MEFs

    Making MEFs