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CCR's 30th Birthday Party

Lab Outing July 2004

CCR Retreat November 2004

CCR Retreat October 2005

Lab Outing July 2005

CCR Retreat Halloween Party 2005

Lab Outing July 2006

CCR retreat October 2006

70s Disco Party at the CCR retreat 2006

Jacks Lab Ski Weekend 2007

Lab Outing August 2007

CCR retreat October 2007

Halloween Party at the CCR retreat 2007

Jacks Lab Ski Weekend 2008

Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research Groundbreaking 2008

Lab Outing July 2008

Jacks Lab Reunion -- San Francisco Jan 2009

Lab Outing August 2009

Jacks Lab Reunion June 2010

Lab Outing July 2010

Tyler's 50th B-day Surprise Party

Lab Outing July 2011

Lab Outing July 2012