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Group 3 is actively engaged in numerous research projects with both interns and Ph.D. students. From this page you can access summaries of current research projects. Researchers can submit updates to their projects in the Research Update Form.

INTERNS and STUDENTS: Please submit a research update form!

From this page you can access:

Recently Updated Project Summaries

The following project summaries have been recently updated. Click under the Go! column to read a report.

Go! Updated Student Primary Company Notes
Daniel Crocker 18-Apr-97 Daniel T. Crocker HP Provide a realistic comparison of the manufacturing costs of various global manufacturing strategies for this division of HP. An estimation of the costs is thus the first step to discussing alternate strategies.
Robert Moeller 18-Apr-97 Robert Moeller Ford The thesis goals are to identify a production system's location along the continuum of production systems and to propose methods to improve the production system's positioning within this continuum.
Stephen H. Muir 18-Apr-97 Stephen H. Muir Intel Opportunity exists to increase wafer starts capacity without purchasing additional capital equipment by optimizing the product loadings across multiple facilities running the same process technology
Jennifer Felch 7-Apr-97 Jennifer Felch HP Developing a methodology and actual supply chain models for inventory analysis. One of the most interesting results of the project is a model that simulates some of the dynamics of the PC industry and the resulting effect on customer delivery of a PC based medical solution.
Steven Harman 7-Apr-97 Steven R. Harman Allied Signal Help AlliedSignal Aerospace's Engines Division (AE) implement lean manufacturing. Includes participating on Kaizen improvement teams, developing a rough-cut capacity model for the Static Components Production Center, and helping develop and implement a consumption-based (pull) production system.
Michael Milller 5-Apr-97 Micael Miller Kodak Design and implement a production scheduling policy that minimizes schedule disruption associated with rerunning products that have experienced low/no yield. Revamp inventory safety stocking policies that reflect the statistical variability of the process and followup testing.
Hari Abhyankar 7-Mar-97 Hari Abhyankar Teradyne To create a computationally efficient procedure that allows the user to determine optimal service levels for purchased components in the presence of a budget constraint on the average on hand inventory.
Jeremie Gallien 7-Mar-97 Jeremie Gallien HP The goal of this project is to develop new tools for analyzing the inventory management of assembly systems with long stochastic leadtimes and a large number of components.

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