It is finally here!

Read about the ORCA-XI or any of our past vehicles.

News and Notes:

Take a look at the first watertest for ORCA XI!

See ORCA XI in action

It's on!

After a hiatus, the ORCA Project is back and gearing up for the 2009 competition. We have a brand new lineup, and for all of us this our first AUV. Check out the 2009page for details on vehicle construction.

Special thanks to . . .

The new ORCA team would like to thank previous team members for meeting with us a few weeks ago. We had a great time, learned a lot, and hope to carry on your hard work!

Interested in working on ORCA?

Vehicle construction takes place in E60-060. If you'd like to visit our lab, attend one of our testing days, or learn more about the project, e-mail

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